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Available in 7 different languages, chronicles the benefits of vacationing on ‘One happy island’ known as Aruba. Visually stunning, the site is crafted to also show visitors what Aruba is all about while explaining the details. With perfectly blended hues of blue, white, and green punctuating many of the landscape shots, it isn’t surprising to learn on that Aruba actually leads the Caribbean in repeat tourism. Along with the usual information about hotels, golf courses, and tourist attractions, the site delves into the spirit of ‘bon bini’, a papiamento word that is native to the Aruba and the two islands around it. Meaning ‘welcome’ in that language, the site takes care to explain how it translates into friendly native stewardship of the time guests will spend on the island.


The rest of the how-to travel to and enjoy Aruba theme is well-organized as well. Entry requirement instructions cover most of the possible guests, while hotel choices are segmented by lifestyle choice; ranging from all-inclusive to private homes available for rent. For those visitors interested in pre-planning activities, choices on range from shopping to sightseeing, to outdoor sports.

There is even a well-written history section that offers up nuggets like the story of Aruba’s gold mining past. It also details how the original inhabitants of the islands were some of the tallest people in the Caribbean. For many potential first-time guests, understanding just what Aruba is as a political entity is another important piece of information that the site lays out.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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