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Art Lovers, Check Out Artsy: The World’s Most Accessible Art Museum

Today’s Killer Startup: Artsy



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Elevator Pitch:

Artsy makes the world’s greatest art available to anyone with an internet connection.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Once upon a time, art was reserved for the very wealthy. Only those who could afford to spend money on non-essentials had access to the beautiful work that the human imagination can create. With the advent of the museum, higher art became available to the common person, but they were still limited to their physical locations.


But now, in 2015, we have this amazing thing called the internet and within that internet, we have Artsy. Artsy is a website that is aiming to make the world’s greatest art available to anyone with an internet connection. That means that the common person now has access to masterpieces from Hong Kong to New York to Amsterdam.


Artsy pulls their work from leading galleries, museums, foundations, estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions. Their database currently holds 300,000 images of art, ranging from architecture to design to fine arts. They have more than 40,000 artists represented as well as the largest online collection of contemporary art.


They are, to put it simply, the world’s biggest art museum.


I recently visited one of the national art museums in Tokyo and saw a piece that was done by Japanese artists in imitation of Van Gogh’s work. At the time, all they had to work from was a grainy, black and white images of his work. From those images, they produced beautiful, almost hallucinatory paintings. The final effect was surprisingly close to the originals, despite the poor image they were working from.


Today, those same artists could turn to Artsy and discover not only Van Gogh but works from all of the old masters, as well as contemporary artists who have worked those old masters into their own works. The potential for studying old work and creating new with this resource is truly astounding. Hats of to Artsy. I’m excited to see where you go.



If you love #art then you’re going to love @artsy, the world’s biggest art database.


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Artsy | Tupungato/Shutterstock

Author : Emma McGowan

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