search cancel – Supports the Arts and Sciences through Art. is a cornucopia of fine art pictures, designs, outlines, critiques and more. Thousands of elaborate, high quality photos are available in a subscription model for use by the arts and sciences. Nearly anything imaginable is covered, from African art to high society pieces. These famous pieces can be discussed in exhibits or used by teachers to convey deep meanings through art that isn’t possible in words. The freedom this gives teachers is unequaled when it comes to promoting creative thought.


The website also offered links to a useful blog that keeps frequenters up to date on the happenings of the art work and the community that has sprung up around the site. There’s also a shared shelf gallery containing many thousands of commons free or public artwork offered free, through their database because of expired copyrights. In the creative commons section you’ll find a search tool that comes in quite handy given the free gallery’s size.

Besides offering galleries, also has a community blog that discusses and links to a variety of the high quality photos and paintings the site hosts. There’s also a subscription service, giving users access to newer prints not available in the creative commons that they are able to take advantage of for their own uses. All told, gives access to many tens of thousands of photos under both the G.C. license, and their own private license through the subscription model. Using both will provide any type of photo needed for the arts and sciences, which famously support. Overall it’s one of the premier sites for artwork on the net.

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