– Movies Travel to the Middle East and Art Online TV says Read All About It is in the Pan Arab Media Area in Cairo, Egypt. Animated shows, news, Granada TV, discussion and more. There are local stars, international stars, articles about fashion, and, pictures. Such famous names as Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Gina Diwan, Bar Raffaelli or Fatima hit the top of the news stories.

The motion picture industry is in full force in Egypt as Warner Brothers and the United Motion Pictures Company are common fixtures in Egypt’s movie houses and entertainment articles. The musical ‘Rock Forever Rock of Ages,’ also a comedy in genre is releasing in Egyptian theaters in the near future. The Great Gatsby 2012 makes the pages of with Leonardo DeCaprio and Carrie Mulligan, just one page away from his ex-girlfriend who is the Israeli supermodel Bar Raffaelli.

The Lebanese actress Gina Court, married to 21 Jump Street Star Channing Tatum gets a write up at as to her outfit at the MTV Awards ceremony. She was reported to have been wearing Norm Silverman jewelry and a Sergio Rossi shoe. Many favorite leading ladies grace the pages at this website.

Featured here is another American actress, the Australian talent Nicole Kidman. Starring in yet another movie, “Paperboy” she towers above the rest of the cast in more ways than one. This film made the renowned Cannes Film Festival for a screening earlier this year.

Art Online TV offers an announcement that Jennifer Lopez will be in concert for the Dubai Events and Trade Promotion in November, 2012 in the United Arabs Emirates as she does a World Tour. You can keep up to date in regards to television and cinema by checking out the details at Art Online.

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