– Quality American Made Artwork and Furniture

Buying American made products supports not only supports local business owners but also helps boost our economy. is the online source for custom designed and hand crafted products all made entirely in the United States by native craftsman. Most of the products featured on are pieces of furniture or other design elements for the home. You can find one of a kind garden gates, hand carved wooden doors, elegant chandeliers and even leather couches and chairs. If you are looking for the perfect piece of art, the website also features paitings and sculptures by American artsts. At you can browse their collections by product type and category. Some of the most popular categories include dining room furniture and entertainment centers.

At you will find valuable resources for getting your start as a dealer or interior designer. Interior design is a challenging and exciting career, and showcasing American products in your work is a great way to support other entrepreneurs while also making money for yourself. allows users to order some products online, or you can browse their entire selection at their physical showroom in Scottsdae, Arizona. There is ample parking and even a place to park private jets if you are flying in for a visit. Private showings are available by appointment for high profile customers. You can also look for a new job on the website under the Employment Opportunities link. Art Factory is a great company to work for with a strong set of values and ethics.

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