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Having been established more than 100 years ago, Artesian Resources now shares its company information at Starting out in northern Delaware the company has expanded its geographic range and the scope of its business activities, however more than ninety percent of its function is still in the water processing and delivery field. They are the eighth largest of investor-owned water utilities in the USA. Proud to share their record of reliable and economically reasonable prices on, the company shares its organizational layout. The principle delivery began in 1905 on the Delmarva Peninsula and forms the main subsidiary. While they have wastewater, consulting and engineering companies, they also serve areas of Pennsylvania and Maryland with the fresh potable water delivery services.


Through over 1000 miles of pipes, Artesian water resources serves more than 76,000 metered customers more than 7.5 billion gallons of water per year at a cost of less than a penny per gallon. They have several private and public partnerships and are anticipating additional growth to their systems thanks to the 2011 acquisition of the Cecil County water system.

As this is a public company, investor relations, products and services, and listings of both the members of the management team and the corporate board of directors are found on The corporate governance system is shared by having details about the six different committee charters for auditing, compensation, executives, governance and nominating, and strategic planning and budget and financing. Additionally, the company code of ethics is here on and is stated to be enforced for all employees.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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