– Organize Your Art Life

ArtCalendr.comThis is one for the many among us that have an artistic vein, or who want to figure out if they have one or not. As its name denotes, ArtCalendr groups together artistic events the world over, and presents them using a neat layout and a concise overview.

Of course, as well as seeing the events that others have added you can add an event of your own to the general database. This way, you can promote your big launch and attract even more attention than what could be garnered through conventional channels.

An option that gives this tool added flexibility is the ability to export your Calendrs to Yahoo, Outlook and iCal. This will let you organize your art life and export appointments for immediate reference.

Other than that, you can always see upcoming events in the sections under the “Today’s Events/Tomorrow/Next 7 Days” banners, so that if you are wondering where to head next in the hope of coming across something to suit your tastes then this site might show you the way to go. In Their Own Words

“Organize your art life!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Artists are going to be thankful for such a promotional platform, whereas the rest of us are going to relish having access to relevant information in a centralized location.

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