– Real Time Molecular Imagery

Advanced Research Technologies, found on the Web at, is a Canadian company specializing in molecular imaging technology for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The mission of is to assist specialists in these fields in their research, providing innovative imaging solutions for clinics, hospitals and research institutions worldwide.

The full range of products offered by the company are available for review on Their SoftScan breast imaging device helps doctors discover and characterize lesions in a complementary way to standard mammogram technology, providing precise imagery without the need for painful breast compression, exposure to ionizing radiation and in some cases avoiding the discomfort of biopsies. It provides benefits to patients, health care professionals and providers alike.

ART is particularly proud of their Optix time-domain imaging system, which allows specialists to examine living cells and structures within the body in a non-invasive way. The whole body may be examined at any desired level of detail, and since the Optix is fully digital, test results may be distributed to consulting specialists at remote locations in real time.

These are just two of the many solutions available, along with a complete line of imaging agents that help produce sharp contrasts, which are very helpful in the diagnostic process. provides a smart overview of their technologies, explaining how molecular imaging works and how the company applies it in a variety of different ways tailored to specific needs in the lab or clinic. There is also a range of scientific publications showing their equipment and software in action, with impartial judgment of results gained.

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