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ARSights.comARSights is a very interesting new solution that was created by an Italian company called Inglobe Technologies. This company is in charge of developing Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. What is a Virtual and Augmented Application?

Augmented reality is a new field of computer research that combines the real world with computer generated images. This new solution gives you the possibility to watch Google Earth models without having to pay anything for that.

The tool is very simple to use and gives you the feeling of being watching a science fiction movie. Think about this, now you can visualize the objects you would see on Google Earth in a three-dimensional way as if they were real.

This site shows an integration of digital content with the real world that is beyond belief. If you use this service you will be able to download models from ARSights Placemarks (Network Link) as well as to enjoy them through an Augmented Reality Technology.

This system is very simple to use. The only thing you need to do is to have an Internet connection, a computer, and a WebCam. Then, you just need to connect your Google Earth Plugin and ARSights.

This is a very interesting solution that you will enjoy very much, and if you want to know more about it, you just need to visit the site at In Their Own Words

“Based on the Plug-in of GE for internet browsers, it allows users to download models from ARSights Placemarks (Network Link) and to experience them by using Augmented Reality Technology.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very impressive website. The simple fact that it provides an accurate mixture of reality and computer generated images is very attractive. This will be very useful in order to teach kids many subjects they need to learn about. Therefore, this site is useful for educational, commercial, and informative matters.

Some Questions About

How knowledgeable you need to be in order to use this solution? Which could be the next improvement? Does the system have any weakness?

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