search cancel – ARRL The Home for all Things Amateur Radio is the official home of the National Association for Amateur Radio. This website highlights the fascinating and fun pastime that is amateur radio. Originally founded in 1914, and then known as the American Radio Relay League, the ARRL has more than 156,000 members and if the biggest collection of radio amateurs in the United States. The essential mission of the ARRL is to promote the growth and acceptance of things like ham radios and similar devices.


The ARRL is headquartered in Newington, CT and has many employees that can help you learn about this fun activity. They also publish a monthly journal, called QST along with tons of other information about the hobby. On you can also find an amazing amount of detail info on the types of technology needed to make this hobby work. Furthermore, they provide all the information you would need to know about government regulations, so that you can avoid any legal problems. Another great feature of the website is the ability to learn about and get licensed in many different aspects of the field. This is a hobby where the amount you can learn is only limited by your time and drive. And, to cement the notion that is the go to place for the hobby, the site has a store where you can purchase all the tools of the trade.

So, if you are interested at all in amateur radio and you live in the United States, then is a great place to visit and learn all the hobby has to offer.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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