– ARRIS- leaders in network solutions is the site of the technology company ARRIS, which specializes in engineering, design and supply of broadband services. They are committed to giving residential and business costumers the tools they need to provide high speed data services. offers many platforms and services on the site, designed with helping the customers get everything they need to maximize their efficiency. Their options vary, depending on what is needed by the customer, but they continually test their performance and interoperability with other vendors in the world to assure the highest level of quality.

ARRIS offers users integrated broadband services, optimized optical and HFC solutions, complete voice communications and anything related to the design and supply of IP solutions. They offer technical support on, and provide information on meeting with professionals who provide technical training. The training is provided from instructors with classrooms in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Beaverton and Chicago. Their download center supports software and firmware downloads and is intended to help cable operators and service providers manage and stay current with ARRIS products. Their web portal, ASK ARRIS, is a customer support knowledge base filled with technical support questions and answers and is available at any time.

ARRIS reduces capital costs by consolidating diverse network elements. They allow operators to maximize their fiber capacity by providing multiple architecture options and wavelength efficiencies. is the site for cable operators looking to upgrade to the next generation network infrastructures and wants the best possible transition. Anyone looking to provide steady network options, and first rate professional services should look into

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