KillerStartups – Precise Control for Gas and Oil Production

More than ever, the oil and gas industry holds a prominent place in our modern civilization. is a supplier of a key element in the continuing exploration for natural energy supplies – the valves that control the flow of these precious materials at well sites, pipelines and refineries.

Array Holdings is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft and metal-seated ball valves for the most demanding applications. Visitors to can learn more about these products and their manufacture, with access to their entire catalog. This includes trunnion mounted ball valves, critical service seated units, and the actuators and accessories that allow precise control. Users can choose pneumatic or hydraulic powered systems, all built to the most exacting specifications and using the best materials.

Many energy-related applications are unique, or of very limited use. stands ready to provide custom manufacturing of these systems, machining each one to customer specifications. Array has partnerships with a number of international sources for these systems – if they can’t build it for you, they know who can, and will control and oversee the entire process from start to finish.

Those visiting can read the latest news in the energy world – updated stories regarding energy prices and production, new pipelines and other systems using their products. They also have a presence at major trade shows throughout the world so that anyone interested in learning more about their products and services can set up face to face meetings in order to get the solutions they need.

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