search cancel – A New Way To Buy & Sell Online is a new marketplace that enables negotiation between buyers and sellers for products and services. The buyer creates what is termed a “Want-it” note, this tells everybody what he wants and they price he is willing want to pay for it.


Then, the user receives offers from sellers, and two things can happen: he can either buy straightaway, or negotiate with the seller in order to arrive at a final price that leaves both parties happy

The system itself is completely free for the buyer – there’s no commitment and email addresses are disclosed at no point of the process, ensuring privacy and a safe experience for everybody.

The website includes a host of product categories for easy reference, so that if you want to see how it all works in practice you will be able to do so in an effortless way. If you like the whole approach, simply create and account and find out if your haggling abilities are up to scratch. In Their Own Words

“Aroxo is a completely new and unique way to buy and sell online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service offers a fresh take on buying and selling over the web, and it is certain to gain some momentum.

Some Questions About

Are there fees to be paid for using this system?

Author : Roger Hollings

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