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Even 60 years after the end of World War II, interest in the army Jeep is still rampant among collectors. is a site that offers appraisal and sales services for Jeeps of every vintage, along with other ex-military vehicles. Anyone who served, or who has an appreciation for these tough, hard working machines will enjoy browsing this site. is packed full of information about military cars, trucks and armor, and all of the machines listed are available for sale. The Armor and Tracked section contains everything from a beautifully-restored Hummer as used in the Iraq war to a Vietnam-era armored personnel carrier to classic scout cars of World War II. There’s even a German Panther tank, on sale for the low, low price of $149,000. It’s worth a stop at just to see the amazing array of historical armor available, but that’ s just the beginning.

Anyone with a liking for military gear can spend hours on the site, examining military trucks, towing vehicles, trailers and other accessories from every 20th and 21st Century use. Each entry is lovingly detailed and has pictures, a full description and the price and location of each unit. Armyjeeps even helps the potential buyer with a shipping cost estimator and links to other sites that provide official manuals and rare parts for these rare examples of military history. To top things off, aficionados can examine the Jack Tomlin Collection of trucks, aircraft parts and military manuals that is probably unsurpassed anyplace else – and they’re all for sale.

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Author : Paul Barker

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