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Learning that a family member has decided to join the military can be a difficult and confusing piece of news to deal with. This is especially true if the person is preparing to be deployed. is designed to help family members prepare for their loved one’s entrance into the U.S. Army and learn how to be supportive along the way. It is also meant to serve as a learning tool for members of the family. The Army Family Readiness Group was created by military families, for military families. There are physical locations in all 50 states, and finding one close to your home is as easy as checking out the interactive map on the homepage. At family members can start with the basics: learning more about the unit your loved one will be joining and what it’s purpose is.


By working your way through the resources at, you’ll learn about being a family leader while your serviceman or woman is deployed. You can read about the early signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. You can also view streaming video tutorials on the website. The best thing about is its nationwide network of families dealing with similar situations. The website serves as a lifeline during the challenges of a loved one’s deployment and throughout his or her military career. The site also offers helpful resources on more logistical issues, such as how to find a health care provider or where to send packages and mail.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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