– Army Official Site seeks to inform people about the army, and the main goal is to get people, mostly men, to enlist. There are links to the army Facebook page, with the site encouraging visitors to check it out. The homepage of has a news feed that is updated quite frequently. At the top of the page is a menu of the options that compose The first link is for those who wish to request information on joining.

The enlistment links answered questions pertaining to eligibility, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, the Army Physical Fitness Test, and the Military Alphabet. To the left of this information is a list of military benefits. There are army education benefits, the G.I. Bill, Yellow Ribbon, Program, and numerous others. The bottom of the screen has ads for veteran loan opportunities. has a page devoted to army knowledge, part of which includes a section that explores what happened for this particular week during a certain year. It is currently discussing 1774. There is another benefits section that has links to a blog. Reinstatement information is available, as well as interactive forums. The basics are covered, as well as posts for those interesting in joining. Specific jobs are discussed, as are recruitment incentives, basic training information, memories, personal experiences, questions, and more. One page allows people to support the troops by donating money and cell phones. A search section lets people look for specific terms throughout the website. Visitors to the site can sign up to get regular emails and updates.

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