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Arm wrestling has long been a pastime for those wishing to display their strength and skill, defeating others in friendly combat. is the home of arm wrestling on the Internet, a site that celebrates the strong men and women who take part in this ancient sport. It is operated by the Professional Armwrestling League, which has a presence on Facebook as well. is based in Bulgaria – men of the Eastern countries have a firm hold on many of the titles in the sport, and the annual World Armfight Cup is held there. Visitors to the site can see videos of press conferences, past matches and interviews with top competitors, as well as check the calendar for upcoming events held throughout the world.

Armpower has a lively and heavily-visited user community, with topics covered ranging from the best ways to train to nutrition, from past champions to current and pending competitions. Visitors to have full access to these forums along with a gallery of pictures, video content, and a search engine covering basic and advanced training techniques. The Armpower Fanzone, available by subscription, includes a periodic newsletter, video on demand, full access to the Fanzone community and message boards, as well as the YouTube channel and Facebook page. This is in addition to the history, rules and arm wrestling Hall of Fame info available on the main page. This site is an excellent resource for both newcomers and those with experience in watching and participating in the sport.

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