– Arm And Hammer Products

Arm & Hammer is a registered trademark of Church and Dwight, a well-known American manufacturer of household products. The company (which was actually started in 1860) made a name for itself for its washing and baking soda, but in the 20th century it began to expand its brand to other products. And you can see all these products on the company’s website,

Deodorization“, “Fabric Care“, “Personal Care“, “Pet Care” and “Essentials” are the main categories that are available for you to choose one from, and the newest products within these categories are always displayed on the homepage.

You can also sign up for coupons, and get them right in your inbox. You just have to supply your name, your email address and your ZIP code. You’ll start getting them right away, and you’ll be able to print each coupon up to two times per year. Coupons are meant to be redeemed at your nearest Arm & Hammer store. And just to make things easier for you, the site features a “Where to buy” section that lets you figure out the location of the closest Arm & Hammer retailers.

Plus, the site comes with a corner where questions and answers can be posted. There, you can pick any of eleven categories (such as “Bathroom“, “Baby“, “Laundy” and “Kitchen“) and share the problems you’re having with the world. Of course, you can also read what other people are posting (and if you think you know what should be done) share your own answers with them.

This part of the site is also great for those who don’t know which Arm & Hammer product is right for them. Anybody can find out as much by reading all the solutions and tips that are available there.