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Arkli.comGive this site a good look if your marketing efforts are failing to yield truly tangible results. Arkli will let you take a really assertive course of action, and come up with campaigns in which all the different online channels of the day are rolled into one at the very same time. You will be able to combine traditional email marketing with YouTube videos and social network promotion (with sites like Facebook and Twitter obviously coming in first). Arkli makes it possible to launch campaigns spanning all these obviously-invaluable channels at once. Besides, services like WordPress, MailChimp and StreamSend are supported to the same extent that the ones that have just been mentioned.


And the results of all that will become easily measurable as detailed metrics are provided. As a matter of fact, Arkli comes with automatic Google Analytics tagging. Knowing exactly in which senses your newly-deployed campaign is working more efficiently and which points are to be improved, then, could hardly be any faster or easier. In Their Own Words

Seamlessly create and manage integrated campaigns across all your online channels.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you come up with marketing campaigns that will cover just all fronts at once.

Some Questions About

How long does it take for a fully-integrated campaign to be created?

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