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The amount of people that are relying on borrowed money every single day to help them make ends meet is drastically higher now than it was 10 years ago. In order to help reduce the cost that they are paying every month in interest, people are frantically trying to find ways to attain loans at a low interest rate. For some individuals the services provided at have been a huge source of financial help.


Starting in 1936 a small group of 50 Phoenix Arizona employees decided to pool their resources together and start a financial institution called Arizona Federal credit Union. This organization has grown to be a credit union that handles more than $1.3 billion in assets, and has more than 200,000 members and 15 branch locations. According to the information about this company listed on its website, individuals are able to save money using a credit union, because the profits that are made are returned to the customer through low interest rates, and through low fees.

Some of the services provided on the site are everything from a business loan, to a car loan, to normal savings and checking services, all the way to insurance. Visitors to are able to take advantage of things like an educational program that is designed to show people who are in a stable financial situation how to make their money work for them. The same program is also orientated to help people who are struggling financially find a way to reduce their debt, lower the amount of interest that they have to pay every single month, and to eventually get themselves into a solid financial situation.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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