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ArgumentsAndAnswers.comThe Arguments And Answers website will let any person who has had an argument with his/her couple or romantic partner post it on the site, so that others can give their opinion on it, and vote who was right and who was wrong.


In actuality, the scope of the site is a bit wider than that as people can ask questions concerning life as a whole.

But what happens in practice is that the questions that do get asked on the site tend to revolve around couples and the difficult one has to get to grips with each other.

Posting anything on the site is done extremely easy, as you don’t even have to sign up to submit your argument or dilemma. And you can choose the name you want displayed as part of your post, obviously – you don’t have to disclose who you really are at all.

Once posted, arguments and questions can be shared over the Social Web. This means that they have the potential to be read and answered by as many people using Facebook and Twitter combined – yes, about 500 million people. If you don’t get an answer, I bet it certainly isn’t your day. In Their Own Words

“Settle your arguments, get answers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to leverage collective knowledge and realize if you were actually right or wrong about anything.

Some Questions About

How many votes does an argument get on average here?

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