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Areva is an organization that concerns itself with nuclear power and low carbon power generation throughout the world. It consists of Business Groups, Engineering and Projects, Functional Departments and the two regions of Germany and North America.


To create a low carbon energy source there is demand for a carbon free mash. By combining nuclear power sources with renewable energy sources you will obtain the carbon free results you are looking for. is working to increase its appearance around the world and to strengthen its recognition at the same time. In order to achieve its goals the company has commercial operations in over one hundred countries including manufacturing plants in forty three of these countries. AREVA is found in Europe, Asia, North America and South America and strives to meet the world’s energy demands. especially for electricity. from sources that will not increase the amount of greenhouse gas emission.

In the African and Middle Eastern Area Areva supports approximately four thousand people with jobs. These jobs amounted to eight percent of the company’s earnings in the year two thousand and eight. In the same year Asian employees merited almost twenty percent of their total earnings.

When you want to find out what is going on at AREVA you can turn to for the latest developments in employment, the number of reactors at each plant, technical information in terawatts and gigawatts and the percentage of nuclear generated electricity put out by each nuclear energy producing country.

This is only the beginning as to what you can know about the operations at Financial information showing net profits, rising profits, cash flow and workforce statistics thoroughly paints the picture of what is going on with this company. To make these facts easier to explore summary tables have been prepared.

To help visitors to more fully understand the financial transactions, profits and other market terms there is a concise glossary which reveals the key terms most often used for these matters.

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Author : Irene Davids

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