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Are You Ready To Boost Your Productivity?

In this age of digital distraction, productivity is a hot topic. Some people swear by methodologies like the Pomodoro technique, working in sprints, while others (myself included) employ apps that block their access to distracting websites. (Cough, cough — looking at you, Facebook.) For those of you still searching for a way to cut down on the digital noise and up your productivity, I’d like to introduce Saent.




This new product isn’t just an app or an online tool but rather a physical object you can place on the desk next to your computer, with accompanying software, of course. The Saent (pronounced “saint”) looks like a perfectly round mouse, with a light around the base. When you’re ready for heads down work, just tap the Saent and it will automatically only allow the apps and websites that are marked as productive. Those apps and websites are originally taken from a predefined list, but you can customize it to fit your specific needs.


When you try (inevitably, let’s be real) to switch to an unproductive site or app, a nice little reminder will pop up on your screen, encouraging you to get back to work.


Saent is also responsive, so it’ll figure out your work patterns after you’ve been using it for a bit and will recommend certain productivity apps to help you work even better over time. You can set it to work in either 30, 50, or 90-minute sprints and it will collect data on how productive you are throughout the day, allowing it to make data-driven recommendations on the best time of day for you to get the most done.




For those of you who love gamification, Saent also rewards users with points for every ten minutes of focused work that they complete. You can use that data to compete with friends over who’s the most focused and productive, much the same way fitness trackers let folks compete over fitness.


Oh, and did I mention it’s pretty? Design-wise, the Saent is a lovely addition to your technology suite. It also doubles as a “do not disturb” sign, changing colors based on whether you’re in a heads down work period. It’s practical and lovely!


So, are you ready for a productivity tool that blows all of those apps out of the water? Head over to Saent for more info.


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Author : Emma McGowan

Emma is a proud native of Burlington, Vermont, who has lived in six different countries over the past two years. She's living and loving the global nomad life and writing about technology and startups everywhere she goes. Check out more of her writing about tech on (the more titillating stuff) KinkAndCode.. Follow her on Twitter @MissEmmaMcG.

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