Are too many tools leaving you confounded?

Finding the right balance of tools to best complete your work on-time can be overwhelming. There are so many different providers these days, all of them putting out different applications that function in different ways.

Many applications duplicate functionality already found in apps you already use, but do so with a different UI and following different processes. Interoperability is rare, despite the fact that most users have many different apps trying to communicate on their devices. aims to cut through this morass, with a specialized productivity suite aimed at unifying and simplifying anyone’s digital “to do” list infrastructure. The site pulls all your notifications and communications into one place, allowing you to collaborate successfully with people across a myriad of different services.

Founded in 2019, was built, from the ground up, to provide a digital respite from the panoply of different tools and notifiers that the major collaboration purveyors operate. The site quotes Benjamin Franklin, who said that “for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Their goal is to help you earn those extra productive hours.

The site offers three tiers of membership, with the basic account completely free. Premium access costs $4/month for an individual power user, or $8/seat/month for a corporate site licenses that includes additional group work coordination and organization-level services.

The other issue that addresses is the fact that nearly 4 billion trees are cut down worldwide each year for paper production, representing about 35 percent of all harvested trees. Much of this paper is waste making notes and documents that are better-suited to the right digital medium. DoIt provides that medium.

The company has positioned themselves as a replacement for legacy Post-It Notes, but with a far-greater feature set, and no costly environmental footprint.  Every note written in DoIt, instead of on a pad of paper, is a step towards a more efficient schedule for you, and a greener planet for all of us.