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Whether it be tile and stone, subfloor preparation, or designer walls/floors, the ARDEX Group understands that no two jobs are the same. As such, the website goes into great detail on each of their products, explaining their uses and providing easy-to-navigate links on each of their items.

For greater detail on what ARDEX offers, select your region from the website. You will be brought to a regional version of the webpage where you will find more information on their offerings, installation help and tech support, and case studies to compare your situation.

If you are looking to secure a contractor to do the job for you, has a list of “Choice Contractors” that specialize in ARDEX products and installation. On the other hand, if you want to go the DIY route, will also assist you in finding a distributor of products and provide you with training videos (or live classes) to assist you.

Even further, those who need assistance on laying out their plan – or even deciding on the plan itself – can use the website to contact an ARDEX Architectural Specialist that will help you make the right decision to combine the best products with the proper installation methods to deliver the best possible flooring installation solution.

The website also goes into great detail about ARDEX’s commitment to the environment, something that may prove useful for when the pesky town board starts nosing around your work site. There is a printable brochure that charts each products environmental advantage.

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