– The Best Architect Program Software is a 3D design studio which will help you in designing your home and enable you to walk through your project as well it share it with the world. The website was designed as a homage to Frank Lloyd Wright who designed hundreds of homes through his distinguished career. The website provides a thorough biography of the architect who had an illustrious career with experimentation with forms and materials. His architecture has a distinct signature design and can be instantly recognized. He was considered one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century and began his career in Oak Park, Illinois. provides a basic guide to architectural concepts as well as the design process. The software is easy to use and requires a few basic components; a fast computer with a 2 GHz processor and the Unity 3D plug in (which is free to download). Funding for the program was provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency that focuses upon innovation and a lifetime of learning. They won the Bronze MUSE award from the American Association of Museums in 2005. The design gallery provides previews of the architecture design program along with homes that have been designed using it. highly promotes the use of Unity 3D; that is compatible with Windows and Macs for optimal use. Their Architect’s Handbook is a fully comprehensive and easy to read guide for all users to follow. This handbook informs the users thoroughly of architecture and design.

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