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Is your workday getting long and boring, and it seems like the clock will never reach 5 PM. Or are you sitting at home with nothing to do looking for some way to pass the time. If so you might enjoy some of the entertaining video games they offer at


This site is designed to offer its visitors the ability to play hundreds of flash action, educational, and strategy games. A person who visits will be able to choose between exciting titles like Teddys Excellent Adventure where they can help a young teddy bear find its way home. They can also experience the fun that comes from helping a ninja escaped from his captors, and find his way to his destination with the adventure entitled Run Ninja Run 2.

For those who are looking for something that will challenge their intellect, and their perception of the world, there is a puzzle that is entitled Amigo Pancho. The basic idea behind this desert scenario is that you are an adventurer named Pancho, he is connected to two balloons and he needs to escape from the desert in Arizona. Above him are a lot of obstacles that if not removed in the correct order will fall on him, break the balloons, and cause him to plummet to the Earth. It is easy to get wrapped up in some of the games that are offered on this site. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending more than a little time on the shooting, arcade, puzzle, casino, and just overall fun diversions that they have on the site.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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