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The Applied Research Center seeks to improve and achieve racial justice through their work with the media, research, and activism and utilizes in order to achieve these goals. The site contains an extensive About Us section which tells all about the group and its goals. The number one goal is to make the need for racial justice better known. The organization wants to inspire people to fight for what they deserve and take a stand against the unfairness that still exists in society based on race.


ARC’s core values are also outlined on Among these are the belief that racial justice is the key to social justice and the belief that people are able to learn and change. The organization also believes that popular culture can shape equality. ARC hopes to achieve a world where people can all reach their full potentials without worrying about racism, war or poverty.

Another key part of this site is the page which explains the research conducted and funded by this group. There are several “notes” which visitors can read, such as “What’s Current,” a report that outlines the group’s latest research efforts.

Other parts of the site contain videos that tell others about racism and what the organization is doing to end it. The RaceWire blog is another feature and contains articles that are pertinent to current events concerning racism. The activism page on the site tells visitors what they can do to stop racism and shows them ways that they can get involved in the movement.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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