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If you are interested in commercial lending then you should look into Arbor and go on their site so that you will discover all about them. When you go on this great site you will discover that Arbor Commercial Mortgage is a national direct lender that provides debt and equity capital for the multifamily and commercial real estate industry. You will see that they have extensive experience in mortgage origination and servicing and have built a reputation for service, quality and flexibility. Arbor’s seasoned management team specializes in debt and equity financing for multifamily, office, retail, hotel and various other commercial real estate properties.


You will also see on that they are one of the top ten lenders for Fannie Mae. They will really be able to get you the loan that you need at a rate that you can afford. The lower your interest rate the less you will pay over the life of your loan. That could end up saving you thousands of dollars that you can use on something else. Make sure that you check on the site; about what kind of loan might be the best for you. They have five different types of loan options, one of them is sure to be the best one for your financing needs. Check out today! If you have any questions about the different loan products you can read about FHA loans, CCMBS, and bridge loans. They have several others as well to fit your needs.

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Author : Pat Gregson

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