– Time Control and Power Measurement Solutions

  • August 17, 2012

Anyone who spends time at will never again need to ask what time it is. Arbiter is a leading provider of high-end GPS timing and synchronization equipment for the power industry, using the constellation of GPS satellites in orbit combined with top quality technical solutions in order to guarantee precise time, frequency and power measurement services to its customers.

Since 1976, has been continuously revising and improving their product line. Today, those in the market for highly reliable calibration and measurement equipment can find the fruits of those years of research and development on the site. Arbiter’s products break down into three broad lines – timing and frequency, synchronized power measurement devices, and measurement and calibration systems. Their timing and frequency devices use a combination of satellite-controlled clocks and other time sources to provide rock-solid time references. This precision timing technology is combined with power measurement to give users a fast and easy way to ensure proper synchronization over large power networks, and arbiter also features a full line of measurement and calibration devices that are widely used in many different industries.

Visitors to may learn about their full product line in great detail and also access a variety of resources on related topics. Their service and support section includes warranty data, an online product configurator in order to help select the right solution for individual needs, firmware and software updates, and special support for Microsoft Windows Vista and version 7 operating systems. Potential customers may also find a local sales and service representative, or contact directly for more information.

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