– Learn About Your Benefits

The website is a resource that is devoted to the state of Arkansas and its public school plan members. The site serves as an aggregate for all things related to the board of education and public schools in Arkansas and the employees who are eligible for certain benefits. The website educates the employees about their rights and what benefits they are entitled too. Visitors on the site can look up a wealth of literature on the board information that was established in 1972 by the state government that provides health and life insurance care to employees of the state. Users who sift through are able to find out the types of coverage they are eligible for and they can also research the history of the coverage and how it came to pass that state employees earned the services.

On, the idea isn’t simply to find out what plan public school members are able to obtain, but the real purpose of the site is to provide these employees with background and history on these services and to empower them with knowledge about what benefits they deserve and can qualify for. Users can look up rates for various policies in the public school system of Arkansas and they can also look up documents for specific health plans. The days of being left out in the dark are over. Now employees can take advantage of the resources made available to them and start empowering themselves with knowledge about their options.

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