– A Fun And Entertaining Domain

The website is a web space devoted to the random thoughts and posts of Anthony Lieuallen. On, users are able to get a peek into the mind of Anthony and enjoy some random comments, photos, videos and other commentary. The site features periodical updates and witty social commentary on certain select events that are taking place across the globe. Visitors aren’t just confined to reading these posts, they are encouraged to post their comments and interact with other users. The best part of the site is the wide variety of content that is discussed and the unpredictability of each post. The day’s topic might be a stand-up comic doing his routine in a video or a link to a news article with some commentary.

Interacting on the site is easy. Users who stumble on don’t need to pay for a membership or sign up with a bunch of personal info, making comments and getting started with interaction is quick and pain free. Not all of the information is in regards to big news stories. Sometimes the poster makes a little mention of something he did that day or something that struck him as odd. Going back in time in order to look at older posts is quite simple and you can keep tabs on all of the progress on the website rather simply. If you are looking for some light and fun entertainment, this is a website that will have you thinking hard and laughing all at the same time.

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