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On, a large collection of the latest stories centering around Arab news which is now made available for American readers. Originally found in the native language of Arabic is now translated in an English language version with ease of access to most seekers. also invites readers to read the latest newspaper articles from all around the world including Africa, Europe, America, and Asia.


These news reports offer vital information from around the world and even offer a more in depth look at some of the topics facing concerned citizens from every point of the globe. The website offers several ways for anyone to connect either through the internet, mobile telephones, and even social networks. Just like on any other news website that American readers might come in contact with, offers the top stories on the home page of the website and several other links to similar stories. Upon reading some of the similar stories there are even other sections in which you can refer to for more information.

For those that are looking for a wider base of opinions, also offers that to the readers. Under the opinion section, it is still mostly formatted with a factual base.These articles provide a wider range of intelligence than most news stations can provide with just a localized view.

At a first glance, the writing is entirely in Arabic but once switching over to the English version of the site it becomes clear of the database it provides to readers.

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