– Bodybuilders from the Arab World

Bodybuilding is a world-wide sport, appealing to people of every race and creed. But as points out, most of the best-known names and events in the arena are American or European, and they feel that this is wrong. The purpose of is to attempt to redress this injustice by displaying the best of bodybuilders from the Arab world.

Athletes from many different countries are on display on arabmuscle, including Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait and Libya. Each country has an individual page, showing off their best, most sculpted and toned men. The Egypt page is actually broken out by locality, and alphabetized by name. Body sculpting at this high level is a male-only sport in the Arab world, from the evidence shown on There are no women shown.

Each athlete has their own page on the site, with their name in both English and Arabic. Since bodybuilding is such a visual sport, each page is liberally supplied with pictures, showing the various men in a variety of poses, all in full color. One of the stated purposes of is to gain more exposure for these men, with a view toward them obtaining work as personal trainers, coaches or models. They are also seeking sponsorship in order to pursue their goals in bodybuilding. Arabmuscle points out that most of these athletes have limited resources, and need financial help in order to reach their goals. All contact with the athletes on is mediated through the owner of the site, and is conducted via email.

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