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For those looking for the most up to date and cutting edge technology in engineering and research, offers the best and most innovative information on their site. People looking for more information about ARA will find a great explanation of the corporation, where they came from, and where they hope to see themselves as a corporation in the future. lists the company’s many certifications and even highlights the awards and recognitions it has received over the last several years. The Board of Directors is also listed, with a brief synopsis of what each member brings to the company. Ara has a very strict code of ethics and standards of conduct that is detailed on the website.

The specific business sectors of National Security, Infrastructure, Energy, and Health are all listed on and the corporation’s capabilities are definitively outlined in each sector. The research and development currently being performed by Ara are also highlighted in their respective areas.

Since ARA is such a large company with many different specialties, lists all of the latest press releases and has a news archive that can be searched by terms from prior reports. Finally, for those that are looking for a job within the company, there is a very extensive career section where job hunters can search for jobs within the Ara Company. Job seekers can upload their resumes and apply online, right from the careers area of the website that offers a very extensive search engine within the category.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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