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A multipurpose site dedicated to the discussion and collection of firearms, has collected a cornucopia of information on all things related to these weapons. This site primarily operates as a forum for a variety of different guns, including the eponymous AR-15, the AK-47 and many different types of handguns. Discussion topics include legal issues related to owning and carrying your firearm, developing trends and politic news about firearms, and troubleshooting guides written by firearm experts and professional gunsmiths. Forums are also available for big game sportsmen, survivalists and fishing, along with a general dialogue forum to talk about everything else. Users on are also invited to read and contribute to a growing collection of gun ownership manuals. These manuals are posted in a pdf format, and cover everything from the basics of owning a firearm to advanced techniques such as cleaning and disassembling different gun types.

Also available at is a news feed that regularly updates users with national articles on gun-related topics such as political changes and international stories involving firearms. Forum members are invited to join the NRA, and provide support to other organizations devoted to gun rights advocacy and responsible ownership education. Videos are uploaded to which showcase an assortment of firearm related topics, such as shooting competitions and innovative weapon tech demonstrations. Articles on the history and culture of firearms are posted regularly, and often written by the forum members themselves. Finally, a collection of firearm related books is advertised near the bottom of the site, with how-to guides and fiction works posted.

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