Aptfinder.org – The Best Low Income Apartment Finder for Washington State

  • August 19, 2012

Aptfinder.org is a website that services Washington State and advertises rent-restricted and subsidized apartments. They are a nonprofit organization that offer affordable rent controlled apartments for low income families and individuals. All properties that are listed on the website are done voluntarily by owners, agencies, and managers who specialize in housing seniors, disabled individuals, and low-income situations. Their listings are also provided by government funded sources. The website gives information on how affordable housing is defined and offers an easy to use browsing tool that allows individuals to search all of the property listings available. The full page listings contain contact information for the agency of manager along with full details of the rent structure, information about the property, and the requirements needed to move into these apartments.

Along with apartment searches, Aptfinder.org has resources for elderly and the disabled as well as the homeless. The company is called the Multifamily Affordable Properties (MAP) and management of MAP control a large amount of affordable housing units. Aptfinder.org accepts donations and Sheila King, the executive director, offers her personal information on the about page for those who need to contact her. Frontier Bank, Keybank, and the Washington Mutual Foundation are amongst some of the financial supporters who have backed Aptfinder.org over the years. For low-income families, there is an income limit chart as well as other resources available for research. These options make it easy for consumers to ensure that they are eligible to find the appropriate housing. Aptfinder.org makes it easy for Washington state residents to find a home when they are in dire need of shelter.

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