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You’re Going To Buy All Of Your Furniture Via AptDeco

Today’s Killer Startup: AptDeco



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Elevator Pitch:

Easily and reliably buy and sell quality pre-owned furniture online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’m all about used, well, almost everything. I love secondhand furniture. I’ve been rocking vintage dresses since I was 10, and I think that our society consumes waaaaaay too much. Since moving to Guatemala, that’s become even more apparent when I head to one of the giant used clothing markets called “pacas” that are just packed full of stuff that’s been shipped from the States. You would be amazed at the stuff that people just throw away!


One city where my love of used stuff really shined was New York. While some New Yorkers are too scared of bed bugs to pick up furniture off the street, I was a risk taker. I once carried a giant art deco mirror that weighed like a million pounds a full city block home, only to drop it on my big toe right in front of my apartment’s front door.


Soooo, that wasn’t the greatest experience ever — a broken toe is no fun, especially when you live in a city where everyone walks. However, if I wasn’t living nomadically at this point in my life, I’d definitely be furnishing my apartment (or, might I suggest, startup office?) with AptDeco, a company that also understands just how fraught acquiring secondhand furniture in New York (and elsewhere) can be.


For buyers, just browse the available furniture, either by category or by brand. Send in a request to buy the piece that you love and you’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours. Once that happens, you don’t even have to go pick it up! (No broken toes!!) You just set a delivery date, and AptDeco’s white glove service will go get it and bring it right to you.


Finally, unlike sketchier marketplaces (cough cough like one that starts with “c”) you have 24 hours after delivery let AptDeco know if the piece doesn’t live up to your expectations. You could even be eligible for a full refund on it if things were really not as advertised.


Try getting that out of the “c” company.


Selling furniture on AptDeco is also super simple. You post your furniture and then AptDeco helps you out by improving the images or adding details that you might not know how to add yourself, because, you know, you’re not a professional furniture salesperson. Once someone has decided to purchase your lovely piece, you can also set a pick up time that’s best for you.


Once again — no broken toes.


AptDeco takes a small commission out of the sale and you get a deposit in your account. Boom — done. Furniture bought, furniture sold, one person makes money while the other saves money, and everyone saves the environment. Makes total sense to me.



This is literally the easiest (and probably the best) way to buy and sell #secondhand furniture. @AptDeco


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Author : Emma McGowan

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