Apsb.org – Ascension Public Schools

Apsb.org is the official website of Ascension Public Schools headquartered in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. This site has links, addresses, and phone numbers for all primary, middle, and high schools. There is additionally information also on other attendance centers including alternative schools, special service schools, adult education facilities, etc. Information is available about each individual building and is easily accessible through this website.

Visitors to apsb.org have the chance to learn about the board of education including who the members are, the agendas and minutes of meetings, and other important information the public needs access to. There is also a part of the site that breaks down the administrative departments and which is responsible for what. Current news and events are shared on the site as well as is information on future planning and proposed, current, and future construction projects. People also have the opportunity to learn about school boundaries and assignments and what is included in the process of school choice. The specifics on what is involved in the school registration process is also readily available as well as facts on all supplemental educational services offered by the district. All of this information can easily be accessed at home seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, making it convenient for everyone.

Apsb.org also provides details on school performance and testing, so the public can see how the schools and its students are doing and the progress that is being made. There is also a contact us area where those wanting to contact the district can easily find out how to do so.

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