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Aprizi.comWhen shopping, are you the kind that tends to go for new and rare brands and designs in the hope you will actually be one step ahead of the latest trends? Because if that is indeed the case, this is a site that you are going to love checking out.


Named Aprizi, it will act as your guide for shopping at emerging boutiques, and getting acquainted with the works of up-and-coming designers in the best way of all – all the content that is featured on Aprizi is actually curated by the site’s own team.

And every member of Aprizi’s community can make his voice be heard, and recommend these brands or artisans that she has discovered and liked to others users.

It’s clear that the founders of Aprizi are trying to redefine the concept of window shopping on the Web, and create something comparable to – a platform that makes for finding the best of the best only, in a scene that is crowded in every sense. I invite you to check out the site for yourself in order to determine how close they are getting to the mark or not. In Their Own Words

“Your personal shopper for emerging brands.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Women will love it, as it is the closest to a true online window shopping experience that has yet been devised.

Some Questions About

How popular can this really become?

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