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Appstores.comThe buzz surrounding most well-established app stores is negative to a large extent, and that is something that happens for a reason. The applications created by just too many developers are refused admission into these, for reasons that sometimes are too unfair and subjective. And these developers turn to Twitter, Facebook and every other social site to speak their minds.


Well, now people have yet another way in which to release their frustration: by creating an app store themselves. That is what this new San Francisco-based company lets them do, via its white label platform.

Users of can come up with fully-functional stores, to which anybody can make submissions, and from which all are allowed to buy. The person building the store up will be given rich curation tools for the management of inventory, and for the provisioning of applications.

A platform like this one is beneficial for everybody – developers get a chance to right these things that they see as unfair regarding other app stores, and the average consumer gets to choose from a much larger set of apps in the end.

You can get started for free – just sign up on the site in order to begin assembling your very own store. In Their Own Words

A white-label appstore platform.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets people like you and I build an app store of its very own.

Some Questions About

How popular can this platform become? What can make (or break) its back?

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