– Share Your Favorite iPhone Apps

AppsFire.comIf your iPhone is something akin to your right hand (not an uncommon scenario, I can tell you), you are bound to be interested by a service such as the one being reviewed now. In essence, AppsFire is a nice little software piece that you install in your computer and then can be counted upon for finding apps that might interest you.

That is, once installed Apps Fire looks at your apps on iTunes and it asks you which apps you would like to share as part of your personalized page. This page can be seen by friends, and in the end everybody can see what apps others have been using recently.

Think of it as a sort of recommendation system that takes into account what your friends (IE, individuals that you have a true affinity with) are doing iPhone-wise.

For the time being, this service is available only to Mac users. Support for PC users is forthcoming. Linux support might turn out to be problematic if only because the iTunes application does not work on such operating system. Let’s hope a way to get around that is found so that everybody can enjoy this useful tool. In Their Own Words

“Easily share your favorite selection of iPhone apps with anyone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding interesting apps is certainly easier (and even funnier) using such a system.

Some Questions About

When will other operating systems be fully supported?