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Appscend.comAppscend is one of these services that help the creative kind have their ideas turned into something tangible, no matter how unique, novel or even zany they are. Specifically, Appscend lets people create mobile applications without needing to know how to code anything. On Appscend, everything is handled using a neat web interface and the simplest markup language. Once one has mastered the rudiments of the system, an app can be designed, built and deployed within hours. And once the app has gone live, then how warmly (or not) it’s being greeted can be determined thanks to the featured analytics.

These will let the creator analyze the evolution of his app, and figure out how effective any campaign that he has launched has turned out to be. And Appscend also offers monetization services, so those of you who have an idea for an app that people would actually be willing to shell good money for will have all your needs covered here.

Services like this one are really popular right now. Appscend joins a scene that’s getting really packed, and where one can already find services such as Appsbar and

AppForMe all neatly lined up. In Their Own Words

Appscend’s web interface and markup language make app creation a simple and easy to understand process by developers and non-technical people alike.

Some Questions About

What about submitting the finished app to the relevant stores? Does the company assist users when it comes to that as well?