– Blowtorch Facebook App Entertainment, which caters to the college student market, is known for its creation of independent full-length films and movie shorts, and its online interaction with target users. The firm has just expanded its reach to its target audience by creating Blown, their new Facebook application.

The concept of Blown is for users to issue video challenges to one another, such as “Worst Madonna Video Ever” and “Worst Birthday EVAH.” Application users may join the challenge by posting their own video, leave a comment on an existing challenge, and search back to older posted challenges. In Their Own Words

“Feel free to throw down on any existing challenge. Or better yet, start one up yourself. Settle old scores with past friends and start fresh scores with new ones. That’s what blown is all about… Well, that and winning sweet prizes like getting to be part of big time movie productions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Blowtorch Entertainment is a fresh and innovative company that is in touch with its target audience, and the Blown Facebook application only enhances this. The barriers facing potential Blown users are very low, as the application is entertaining, engaging, and easy to use. As with other Facebook applications, users invite their network friends to join, thus spreading the word about Blown and Blowtorch Entertainment, all while interacting with targeted users.

Some Questions About

What other Facebook applications could Blowtorch create? Are there other social networks can Blowtorch become involved in to reach potential users? How could the full-length feature films also direct the audience back to the website and online interaction mechanisms?