– A Performance Marketing Network

Apprupt.comA service which is out in beta, Apprupt is self-defined as a performance marketing network for mobile apps. To put it in simple words, it is a network that lets mobile developers generate additional downloads (and income, obviously) by having their apps distributed on a pay-per-download scheme.

This is all circumscribed into an affiliate network of publishers.

For these downloads that are forthcoming through the performance network itself, developers have to pay a percentage that (at this very moment) stands at 0,35€. They can alternatively share 30% of their gross revenues less the Apple share (30%). In any case, the set of tools that makes all this possible is usable for free. It is named the Performance Marketing Suite, and it can be procured through the site at no cost either. Once you have downloaded it, you simply have to integrate the provided download tracking library into your app and then you will be able to analyze its performance with the public at large.

An eventual addition will be that of a download tracking tool that could work with free apps – the one that was just described works only with apps that are paid. In Their Own Words

“Apprupt is the first performance marketing network for mobile apps, that aims to bring transparency and profitability to the mobile app market. As part of its Performance Marketing Suite apprupt ( lets developers market their apps on a pay-per-download basis through its wide reaching partner network. At the same time publishers are enabled to monetize their existing mobile reach through relevant content that is based on the users’ interest and preferences. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers developers a ready chance to monetize their applications in a context that can yield better results than other forms of marketing if used intelligently enough.

Some Questions About

How will these services accommodate apps released for platforms like Apple’s newly-launched iPad?