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Approid.meDevelopers of Android apps, this is what you need in order to start making more people aware of all the coolest applications you have developed. Through this site you will be able to request the creation of landing pages that can but drive more people to your app. These are suitable for practically every kind of application, so it doesn’t matter whether you are in the market to create productivity tools, leisure application or even games – you will be able to have one such page generated for you here.


The way this service works, you must first pick the one template from the many on offer that looks like it could convey the essence of your app best. Then, you have to supply some general information for the team to start working on your own personalized landing page. You will be able to review the process, and provide your timely feedback on what’s being done by the team.

It must be pointed that this service is currently available only to apps which are in English, but support for foreign language apps is on the agenda. In Their Own Words

Welcome! This is, a website to create landing pages for your Android apps.

Some Questions About

Can designers submit templates of their own to be featured on the site? Is that possible?

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