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Apprema.comApprema is an eCommerce site which was started by Mr. Mark Schreiber as he wanted to create an online payment and delivery method that would accommodate the most recent social network users and merchants.


According to Mr. Schreiber, online payment methods and delivery applications lagged behind the quick train of development of web commerce and social networking. As a result, he created Apprema to address a specific concern and occupy a niche in the market.

The list of supported retailers is quite comprehensive, and it encompasses names such as KMart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s. A sizable part of the site is devoted to the featured gift cards. Broadly speaking, these fall into two categories: “Gift Cards” and “Gift Cards +”. There is also a category named “Micro Gifts” which is devoted to gifts and presents whose value amounts to less than 10 US$. The site actually prides itself on dealing in these, as conventional web commerce pages tend to leave them aside.

Lastly, another part of the site that merits mentioning is the one called Gifting 2.0, a platform which has been developed by Apprema that includes a pay management tool and a gift delivery network. In Their Own Words

“The most innovative, easy-to-use online payment and delivery platform available for both consumers and merchants.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It covers a niche in today’s rapidly-evolving market.

Some Questions About

What are the available gift card denominations? What is the S&H policy of the company?

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