– Automatically Applying For Jobs

ApplyForMe.netLooking for a job is a complex process in every sense – just think of the amount of time that is spent browsing ads and filling out application forms for each opening you think is suitable for you. As such, it comes as no surprise that different solutions are being devised so as to let you streamline the process to a bigger or lesser extent.

In this particular case, the company under review right now offers job application completion services.

What you have to do is subscribe to one of the available plans, and upon submitting your information once the same will then begin being employed by the company for the filling out of applications. Three different plans are available, and they differ in the number of applications per month – the actual numbers are 30, 60 and 100 applications.

You have to admit that the concept is interesting to say the least, and if we take into account how volatile the market is right now it always brings peace of mind knowing which resources are there to assist you. In Their Own Words

“Join over 6,500 job seekers. Did you know that job seekers are lucky to receive 1 interview out of 50 submitted job applications? If you’re currently searching for a job, you’ve probably already figured this out.

Ever spent an entire 8-hour day filling out 5 job applications only to not get an interview? At this pace, it would take you 80 hours of filling out applications just to land one interview, if you are lucky.

Why not hire us to help increase your odds? Our Human Resource Professionals are US college graduates skilled in internet research and completing job applications.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Seeking the right job (and any job, for that matter) can unfortunately take an inordinate amount of time. A service like this one attempts to address such a situation by automating the tedious parts of the process.

Some Questions About

What parameters can you set down when submitting your personal information – IE, how specific can you be as regards the positions you are interested in?