Apploo Is Going To Remove One Really Annoying Part Of Networking From Your Life

The technology that we use for business has changed exponentially in the past fifteen years. Gone are landlines, dial-up connections, massive desktop computers, and car phones. In their place, we have these amazing super computers that we can hold in our hand, computers as thin as paper, video conferencing, and WIFI. Even the traditional office is slowly disappearing, replaced by lofts with ping pong tables or workers who work abroad or from home.


And despite all of these incredible advancements, there’s one item that essentially hasn’t changed in more than a hundred years. It’s an item we all use; one we all collect; one we all forget — and yet it’s still so, so common. We use it for making connections and for keeping track of who knows who, but everyone either hates it or, at the very least, maligns it.


Have you figured out yet what it is?


Yup, you got it: The business card. That little rectangular piece of paper that people hand you at networking events and you swear you’re going to keep track of and utilize later. The reality, however, is that you throw them in with all the others you’ve collected at all the other events you’ve gone to, only to happen upon them years later and think to yourself, “Who the F was that?” before throwing them away.


Sound familiar?


Okay, so, if you’re sick of wasting paper and time and losing those potentially life-changing connections, then you need to check out apploo. It’s a new app for iOS and Android that wants to make sure you never ever have to accept another business card again.


apploo 1


Here’s how it works: You meet someone great, either at a networking event or through work or even at a bar. You have a great conversation. When it’s time to leave, you know that you want to keep in touch with this person. Instead of handing over your phone and making them type in your info or trying to hear them spell their weird email address over the noise of the bar, only to get one letter wrong and make the whole thing useless anyway, all you have to do is open the app and ask them to open it as well. Both of you then open up the “Nearby” page, which will connect you with anyone in the room who is also running the app. Put your phone next to their’s and… Voila! You just need to confirm, and you have all the info you need: their name, number, email, social, and any other information they’ve chosen to include.


Best of all? You don’t need an internet connection or a QR code (can those die already please??) in order to connect with the people around you.


And you also don’t have to worry about the information you have going out of date, which is definitely more than you can say for a paper business card, because once you’re connected, any change will automatically register. You also don’t have to worry about losing your phone or changing phones and dealing with moving all of the contact info, because everything is stored on the app. All you have to do is download apploo on your new phone, sign in, and it’ll all be right there.


So isn’t it time for the paper business card to go the way of the car phone? Help hasten its banishment to the land of outdated business tools by signing up for apploo today.


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