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Anyone can play lots of the fun games available at This is the official website of Applejacks Cereal that is made by Kellogg’s. The website offers a range of games including the Cinna Derby, Market Mayhem and Race to the Bowl Rally. In the latter game, users get to choose a character to race against a computer character on an outdoor racecourse. The games all include advertising for Kellogg’s Applejacks Cereal and they are all simple and targeted at a young audience. To find the most popular games on, users can click on the Classic Fun menu. This website also offers a downloadable mobile app for the iPhone so that users can play anywhere they want to. is designed to be enjoyable for children and it states at the bottom of the main page that children should get their parent’s permission to use the site. You can also click on the Leaderboard tab to see the high scores for each game that day, which is a great feature for those who enjoy competition. This website is also designed to get kids to get up and moving, because after a period of playing, the screen redirects to a message that reads “it’s time for a break!” The message also instructs users to get out and get exercise and it even offers a link with ideas for how to start moving. is a good advertising website that also offers its visitors some fun things to do while encouraging physical activity.

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